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Organizational culture of Prosper
Section 1 : Identification of organizational culture system of Prosper
Lead the industry, prosper business partners, benefit  mankind
Prosper has been focused on R&D , manufacturing,after-sale service and education of chipless metal forming technology and pplication, disseminating metal spinning technology,bringing customers multiplying efficiency and educating numerous skillful professional and technical personnel so as to upgrade the trade and accelerate the development of industrial automation;progress the material and spiritual civilization;make its own contribution to our nation and all mankind.
Become the leading brand of chipless metal forming trade
Prosper is to be the first supplier of chipless metal spinning technologies and solutions,enabling all customer utilize spinning technology into full play. We are committed to acquiring for the material and spiritual happiness of all our employees and contributing the development of all mankind.
Integrity:We believe integrity is the most valuable invisible property, which enables us to obtain the respect and dignity from the society
1、Keep our promise
      We insist integrity our principle with correct personality and behavior. Being faithful and keeping our promise is our integrity to our employees; competence and loyalty is our employee’s integrity to us; taking our social responsiblity on our own initiative is our integrity to the society.
2、Mutual respect and self disciplined
      We always look on customers,employees and partners as an interests community,each side should respect, trust,help, and self disciplined.
3、Be responsible and dare to apologize
      Every employee is be responsible and dare to apologize, willing to restrain any dishonest behavior and trying our best to protect the reputation and interest of Prosper at any time and any place.
 Innovation: Our core competitiveness consists the consciousness of change, foresight and constant trying, which enables us to create value for the customer contentiously
1、focus on our assignment
      We are dependent on technological innovation , combining R&D,manufacturing,after sale service and education. Our principle development strategy stems from the dedicated research and application of chipless metal forming technology.
2、Give priority to the customer, regard the market as the guidance
      We stand at the customer position, using creative thought to satisfy the market demand and developing new product, new process and service to create bigger value to the customer foundmentally.
3、learn form each other
      We threw all our employees’ energy and creativeness by carrying on an attitude of united, pragmatic, responsible and self-disciplined to face them in finding the root cause of the mistakes and failures to solve all the problems in a host of innovations.
striving:Daring to challenge and not fearing hard work is our spirit, enabling us to succeed. With this spirit we can fly in a favorable circumstance and survive in a hardship .
1、Strive and keep improving
      Innovation is an endless and difficult way, in which every one of us must bear hardships and stand hard work. We need to bear the spirit of craftsman to reach or surpass international level.
2、Be responsible and dare to Challenge
      We are highly responsible to the society, enterprises,customers,goals, careers and themselves and can not escape from our responsibilities. At the same, every employee must regard every issue of our company as their own issue.
Greatfulness: We have respect, greatfulness to our country,society,nature and our partners,it comprises charity,responsibility,dedication and assignment.All our achievements are resulted from all sources of the our society and all employee efforts.  
1、Be greatful to everyone and everything。
2、Keep improving
V、Operation principle
Give priority of quality, integrity and virtue
Section 2:Identification of the behavior of organizational culture system of Prosper
VI、operation principle.
Respect humanity and conscientiously rationalize the process flow and standard to improve profit rate per capita the  
VII、sales principle
Use professional technique and solution to offer multiplying efficiency and value.
VIII Brand principle
The value of our brand consists every employee’s activity and attitude.
IX.Service principle
Not only enables our customer obtain good products, but also overwhelm the customer to patronize again.
X、R&D principle
Regard market as guide and customers’ value as goal.
XI、Quality principle
All quality products stem from design.
XII、Talent princle
Welcome all talents from the world,and learn from each other
XIII、Team principle
All are with the same thought,goal,rhythm to reach to target
IX、7 behavior principles
1、Dare to be responsible for his behavior and result
2、Regard goal as target, firstly plan and design,then take action.
3、Take important issue as priority, firstly deal with urgent issues, them deal with important but not urgent issues.
4、Be convinced cooperation can succeed;throw every one advantage into full play and utilize all resources available.
5、First investigate, them offer solution; one can not comment without investigation .
6、Keep trying to offer creative solutions to satisfy the demand of all sides so as to establish good relations and a continuous development of all sides
7、Keep improving:make more preperation to quicken the work 0