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Automotive Industry

Wheels, wheel discs, and rims are security-related and demanding components in the automotive industry. For passenger tr

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Wheels, wheel discs, and rims are security-related and demanding components in the automotive industry. For passenger transport,
especially drive comfort and safety while driving fast are main issues. When talking about transport logistics, additional requirements
need to be met regarding wheel strength for heavy loads.  

A crucial aspect in drive technology is the weight. With flow-forming technology, Prosper offers an economical alternative to produce
weight-optimized rims in high numbers. The PS-CNCSXY series has been designed and developed for producing wheels for passenger
cars and trucks. Metal spinning and flow forming are used to shape appropriate rim contours of wheels made of aluminium, steel,
and other highstrength alloys.

Poly-V belt pulleys, gear belt discs,

Lamellae support  double clutch housings

Hollow wheels for planetary drives, sliding sleeves for drive shafts, sensoric discs for ABS systems, brake pistons, seal ring slots,Three way catalytic converter CNG cylinders, airbag housings, accumulators.


Steel wheels for passenger cars and utility vehicles, weight-optimized light-alloy wheels for passenger cars and trucks made from forged or cast preforms


 Weight-optimized wheel discs and rim rings for trucks and commercial vehicles




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